the food junkie

on my journey to find the best places to eat in the Bay Area


This is my favorite Korean restaurant. I love the complimentary appetizers that come at the beginning, the bibimbap that I always order with a free (usually restaurants charge) substitution of white rice for brown rice, and the cute yogurt drink that comes with the bill. I first came here a year ago when I was intrigued by how crowded the restaurant was, and now I come here once every break with the same friend. The service always leaves something to be desired when I have to walk up to waitresses to ask them where I can sit or to refill my water, but I like the food and atmosphere.

19626 Stevens Creek Blvd
CupertinoCA 95014


I always go here for ramen since other places have a ridiculous line (cough orenchii) or are too far. It’s food court ramen at a Japanese market but it’s quick & decent. I feel like there should be more food in my bowl, but I’m content at the end.


675 Saratoga Ave
San JoseCA 95129


Their famous potato puffs were much loved by my friends and quick to vanish. They reminded me of crisp tater tots.


2109 Cedar Street     Berkeley, CA 94709


Thai is my go-to food. Was it worth the drive all the way to Lake Merritt? I’m not sure since it was good, but not head and shoulders above other Thai places. It was definitely better than Thai Noodle II and all the other places near campus. I still would rather eat at Bangkok Thai than here though because of the commute. If you’re in the area, you might as well try it out!


545 International Blvd
OaklandCA 94606


This place is so good, and I can’t believe I didn’t hear about it until now. After two of my friends talked about it, I had to try it. The line is long, but they have fast service, so it’s less of a wait than it looks. The food is also filling while being amazingly good. I got the small falafel sandwich.


2301 Stevens Creek Blvd
San JoseCA 95128


BOTTOMLESS FRIES. What else can I say? As our waiter said, “fry city coming right up.” Their freckled lemonade was also delicious, and since there were free refills, all of us were able to try it. We had a very large group (about 18) and surprisingly, they were very accommodating. They even switched the TV nearest to us to play the Cal football game that was going on. In addition, they recooked my friend’s meal since it was cold, and overall, it was a fun experience. Food coma for days


873 Lifestyle Street           MantecaCA 95337



I love Thai food, so I came here with a friend to celebrate the end of finals back in May. She got the Curry à Trois, which lets you sample their three curries (organic chicken yellow curry, tofu panang curry and short ribs green curry). I got the red pineapple curry with duck, and to make sure we were stuffed, we also got noodles. Just one of these dishes was enough to fill me up, so we ended up taking a lot of it to go. It’s an elegant restaurant with a bar and dim lighting.


5885 Hollis St
(between Powell St & 59th St) 
EmeryvilleCA 94608


It’s located right next to the movie theater in Downtown Berkeley. You can choose what you want in your dish, the type of noodles, meat, and sauce. There are also rice dishes if you don’t want noodles. The food comes out relatively quickly and the portions are the right size. There are high tables, normal tables and booths to sit at. It’s Asian fusion with Malaysian, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai elements. 

2272 Shattuck Ave
(between Allston Way & Kittredge St) 
BerkeleyCA 94704


It’s a new sushi restaurant that opened up last weekend across from Asian Ghetto. During opening weekend, plates were $1 each, and they came around on a conveyer belt that traveled throughout the restaurant. It was kind of annoying during that weekend since a lot of people came, so it took a long time for any desirable food (aka sashimi) to come around. It’s open until 10:30PM, so by 9PM, there were less people and all the good food came my way. Now the plates are $1.50 each. It was okay. They’re in the process of acquiring a license to sell alcohol. There’s no tip. I liked the hot water faucets and green tea bags at the tables.


2516 Durant Ave
BerkeleyCA 94704